Smart Magazines:
Mobilize your magazines and turn them into digital profit centers

Glossy magazines, line extensions, supplements, advertorials and more have always been a relevant source of additional revenue for publishers.

With a lot of publishers those profitable advertising products remain print-only as there’s no concept how to keep the visual quality of the magazines and at the same time add an instead monetisation to the digital magazine.

Furthermore, traffic concepts and hence sustainable performance for the advertisers in those advertorials fall short.

With “Smart Magazines” Smartico delivers a full-service product that – based on the print PDF – produces full HTML experiences on all devices, with landing pages for each advertisers, traffic and SEO concepts as well as a full sales plan to make digital advertorials an instant profit centre.

Digital Magazines with “Smart Magazines“ add an instant monetization to all advertisers from print, but also add new value propositions and sales arguments to new advertising clients that before did not have budget for “print-only” anymore.

“Smart Magazines” can be universally applied to local advertorials as well as to glossy magazines. “Smart Magazines” can be used to 100% reproduce the publisher’s current online layout or build something new and engaging that by design should be different and excitingly surprising.

Clients of Smartico use “Smart Magazines” to

  • instantly monetize all advertorials and magazines with an online mark-up
  • excite their readers with HTML5 magazines on all devices
  • engage all of their sales teams to sell online inn a very intuitive way
  • give advertisers more value for money and relevant digital performance for their native advertisings
  • increase traffic and user retention by high-quality content on the site – also for search engines
  • present themselves as a competent digital partner to their advertisers
  • make more profitable advertising revenues.


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