Work Study Agreement

Your financial support most likely summate a work study as one of the options to help you pay for college. In order for you to use a portion of your work income to finance education, you must participate in the work education payment agreement. Even if you are launching a work study agreement, we strongly recommend creating a direct deposit. The hours you work in May are paid after the end of the school year, so the direct deposit means that you receive your money faster. The direct student payment form covers both salary and non-salary cheques that may occur if you earn more scholarships, scholarships or loans. Agency contracts can be filed directly by mail, fax or (preferably) by email to the student employment agency. Please ensure that the agreement is fully concluded, including the signature of the agent, the date, the position in the Agency, the Agency and the telephone number. If you need a counter-signature, please let us know. Agency agreements are valid for (1) year in which you are invited to submit another one if you plan to hire Harvard students as part of the Federal Work Study Program. Please note that if fiCA has changed, we need a new agency agreement, even if you are within 1 year- We do not accept signed agency contracts until a referral card has been completed by the student or his or her supervisor.

Printable Work Study Payment Agreement (2020-21) This option allows you to print and fill manually. To submit your forms via an encrypted system, download here Full premium is possible. Check your calendar below to see the breakdown. Work Study Payment Agreement (2020-21) This pdf is a completed form. All off-campus employers who hire students through the Federal Work Study Program must submit an agency agreement that outlines the agency`s and Harvard`s responsibilities. Please note Section 7. If you have any questions about the document, please contact the Student Office at 617-495-2587 or Students can apply a portion of each paycheck ($50, $75 or $100) to their student account.

This will help students reduce costs while having some money for daily expenses. Work Study Payment Agreement Online Fillable Form (Beta) Please complete the application and return it to the Financial Services Office by July 1 (please keep a copy for your registrations). For more information, check out the app.