United Concordia Participating Dentist Agreement

To update your practical information, please see www.unitedconcordia.com/pifria/. Effective January 1, 2021, EBO and United Concordia will enter into an agreement allowing members of Envolve`s Ambetter Marketplace product to use United Concordia`s Advantage Plus network. In addition, members enrolled in Envolve`s Allwell and Ascension Complete products have access to United Concordia`s National Medicare Advantage network. United Concordia Dental, Dental Network of America®, LLC (DNoA) and DenteMax®, LLC have entered into a network sharing agreement to offer better access and lower discounts for their dentists. During National Dental Hygiene Month in October, United Concordia Dental reminds members of all ages to maintain daily dental care and visit the dentist regularly to prevent oral health. As a dentist in the United Concordia, Inc. network (United Concordia), you have agreed to provide services to registered members under a network access agreement. United Concordia currently has active network access agreements with the following plans supported by Envolve Dental: Through a partnership between LocalMed and national dentistry, United Concordia members can now book appointments online with participating network dentists in UnitedConcordia.com. During Children`s Dental Health Month in February, boys and girls ages 4 to 11 can win four free tickets to the Philadelphia Zoo by posting a photo showing their smile at United Concordia. United Concordia Dental now offers three low-cost PPO dental plans, called Smile for Health® – Value, which are bundled with visual benefits or discounts for Pennsylvania employers and producers. Suppliers can send an email to Envolve`s Supplier Relations division in the event of complex damage issues or education-related support requests. [email protected] If the supplier agreed with United Concordia does not appear in the search for a supplier, the supplier must call Envolve`s after-sales service at the number indicated below for assistance.

You can find specific instructions in the manuals of linked suppliers on this page. Suppliers should contact Envolve`s after-sales service for any questions regarding payments using the corresponding contact information list for their respective country. The providers are available on the Envolve Dental UC website in www.envolvedental.com/UC. In addition, providers of United Concordia`s Dental Reference Guide may refer to United Concordia`s leased networks. Philadelphia Zoo and United Concordia Dental today announced a three-year partnership to raise awareness of the impact that mouth health can have on body health for children and children.