Miami Dade College Collective Bargaining Agreement

They are the fifth to represent their union in Florida as part of the growing movement for increased investment in public colleges and universities a public college can pay union officials for union work, which directly represent workers, such as wage negotiation and support in disciplinary matters, the commission wrote. But the Commission said taxpayers should not subsidize other activities, such as recruiting members, lobbying and participating in charity events. “Our fight for a union at Miami Dade College is not just about our salaries or the lack of respect we face every day; It`s about being a teacher at the nation`s largest college and saying there`s enough,” said Ximena Barrientos, associate professor of earth sciences at Miami Dade College. We are tired of seeing our students go to Densonden because education continues to increase. I am tired of worrying about bill collectors if I worry about the programs. By standing up with one voice, we can demand the necessary investments for our students and colleagues across Florida. FLORIDA – Today, professors at the University of Miami Dade voted to form their association with seiU FPSU Faculty Forward. With approximately 2,800 teachers eligible to vote, the MDC will be Florida`s largest union and the largest collective bargaining unit at a school in the country. Each year, the union reimbursed the college for an extraordinary faculty member to cover Richard`s classes, about $30,000 per year plus benefits. Miami Dade College`s teachers` campaign attracted national attention last month after the government proposed to low-paid professors to consider public assistance. Such actions and extremely low salaries help explain why the university and Florida secondary buildings have organized for changes on their campuses and are committed to investing more in education.

Florida has become an unlikely refuge from protests and academic organization. In less than two years, more than half – about 9,000 – of extraordinary Florida teachers have trained or applied for their association. Over the past decade, pro-student investment in higher education in Florida has fallen by 13 percent. Credit cuts have forced universities and universities to close the gap by increasing tuition fees and relying on lower-paid additional faculties. Adjunct`s teachers make a median of only $17,000 per year. Meanwhile, average education has increased by 59 percent and student debt in Florida has increased faster in the past three years than in any other state. As a result, three of the six metropolitan areas with the largest increase in student debt in the country are in Florida: Orlando, Tampa and Miami. A long-standing contract between the College of United Faculty of Miami Dade College allowed Richard to obtain his full salary “without limit for the type of union activity,” the Commission wrote.

Richard`s salary went from $45,000 when he was first elected president of the union in 2000, to about $100,000 last year. “These clarifications must be reflected in our collective agreement,” said college spokesman Juan Mendieta, adding that he expected the decision to be made by many public employers in Florida. The group is now the largest unit of tariff for detached houses in the country.