Lightworks License Agreement

For the next four weeks, the Lightworks Pro Yearly is available with an extra 12 months absolutely free! That`s two years for the price of one. But if you own a 12.x version of Lightworks rather than having to renew a license every year, then your chance is now with a massive 50% discount on the Buy Outright version of Lightworks Pro! The Buy Outright option never expires and works for all software versions of the 12.x version, including the new 12.5 available in the coming weeks and which include XML export formats and new media export formats such as WebM, XAVC, H.264/MP4 with resolutions up to 4K! Pro and Edu licensees who violate forum terms can find their forum rights blocked without resorting to a refund. The ability to use a paid license is not affected. Whether you have the Lightworks Pro Yearly or if you prefer to have your own version of Lightworks rather than renew a license, the new agreement offers you a solution. Lightworks is a non-linear publisher of EditShare for Mac, Windows and Linux. The DNxHD codec license applies to a single installation of the operating system: a single operating system on a computer. The license is unlimited and does not require annual activation: the codec is available for all future Lightworks updates and installations on this operating system. In September 2020, a new company, LWKS Software Ltd, founded in August of the same year[39] by two members of the development team, took over Lightworks and QScan AQC Software. The agreement also mentions the most important member of the development teams of the two software that join the new entity. [40] This codec license allows you to import AVID DNxHD coded files, transcode other types of files when imported into AVID DNxHD MXF, export to AVID DNxHD MXF and Rendern to AVID DNxHD MXF on the editing axis. Exports are currently limited to 8 bits. Export or rendering require an Active Lightworks Pro license.

The offer is valid until June 24, 2015. The promo code that must be used for a 50% discount on the Lightworks Pro Outright license is BIRTHDAY_2015. To use your code, visit (you need to be logged in). After successfully ordering, `Avid DNxHD` will be available in Lightworks` list of available licenses when you sign in to the Lightworks app. a) System emails are defined as `emails directly related to the user`s account`, and they are triggered either by user action (such as the completion of the registration/confirmation command/forum-thread) or by the license system (z.B. License warnings). It is not possible to opt out of “System” emails except by unifying an account.