Boundary Line Agreement Nh

Q. What are the tax consequences of adjusting the draw lines? One. If the change in the drawing line results in a change in the cultivated area of a given lot, the municipality should recognise such a change in its tax taxation. RSA 75:8, I(s) provides that “annually and in accordance with the state`s evaluation guidelines, evaluators and selectors. plans to customize ratings for all properties that. Subdivisions, border adjustments or mergers have been undergone… In addition, RSA 31:95-a requires each city to constantly update its tax cards to display changes in ownership and plot size, so that the maps accurately represent the boundaries and physical location of each parcel. In recent times, many cities have taken on the costly and laborious task of updating tax maps. If adjustments to the drawing lines have resulted in changes in the area of certain plots, the new maps should indicate this and owners should be taxed accordingly. Before modifying an assessment based on a lot line adjustment, appraisers must be sure that the preparation of the plan approved by the planning committee has actually resulted in a transfer of land in accordance with the approved plan.

Evaluators should be provided with copies of the registered deed(s) describing the new boundaries and surfaces, in addition to evidence of approval from the plan committee. In some cases, the parties may obtain approval of the adjustment table, but may never perform the promotion. In these situations, it is clear that the parties should continue to be taxed on the basis of the area actually held, despite the existence of an approved plan indicating a modified demarcation line. If a neighbor intervenes in your property rights, you need to take immediate action, even if it is so easy to plant a tree beyond the boundary of the land. This act is known as “aggression” and it is a form of intrusion. Under New Hampshire law, private landowners have the right to assert their property rights in court or through private agreements. In order to avoid confusion as to the effect of the approval of the Plan Committee, it may be desirable for a Plan Committee to indicate, in its decision and/or with reference to the Plan, that approval by the Plan Committee does not in itself entail a change to the site of the drawing line. Such authorization constitutes only the recognition by the municipality that the land configurations conform, as proposed, to the local land use rules or, in any other way, are accepted with non-conformities. The Tolerance Act deals with adjacent landowners, who are both wrong about the boundary between their property. Waterfront owners may treat a boundary, often a fence, as a land boundary.

If the boundary is not the boundary of the registered land, it follows that one owner owns the land of the other owner of the land. Regardless of the innocent nature of this error, the owner of the land, whose land is owned by another, would normally have a way to bring an action against the other owner of the land to recover ownership of the country….