Azure Monetary Commitment Enterprise Agreement

Enterprise administrators can view a summary of their usage data, financial obligations incurred, and additional usage charges in the Azure Enterprise portal. Fees are presented at the summary level for all accounts and subscriptions. All Azure services and Azure support plans are available through a Direct Enterprise agreement. EA also gives you access to the Azure Marketplace, an online store for all Azure products and services. If you purchase Azure through a direct EA, you must make a pre-obligation for each of the three years of the agreement, with a minimum order value of a “monetary commitment SKU” of $100 per month ($1,200/year). Customers who already have an open/open value agreement can use these agreements to purchase Azure and customers who enter into such an agreement can purchase Azure at any time. As of August 1, 2019, new opt-out forms for Azure business customers will not be accepted. Instead, all registrations go for an indefinite extended period. If you want to end the use of Azure services, close your subscription in the Azure portal. Or your partner can file a request for termination. For clients with government agreement types, there is no change. Please check the business information – monetary information, price list, etc., before publishing the prices overlabelled for the end customer.

API keys expire every six months. If something is wrong, an enterprise administrator should generate a new API key. Don`t forget to follow the steps in the frequently asked questions about the API report. On the monthly report download page, enterprise administrators can download multiple reports as CSV files….