Case Study: How local publisher “Mühlacker Tagblatt” is transforming its regional advertorials into digital profit centres

For a long time, local advertisers at “Mühlacker Tagblatt” could only promote their local advertorials about open house days, events, discounts, company anniversaries, etc. in the print product.

The publisher was reluctant to the conversion from print to online due to the uncertainty whether advertisers would accept a mark-up on their print ads for this kind of service. Furthermore, the big question was if the digitisation could add value to the reader. The PDF reader solutions or flip page catalogues clearly wouldn’t tick that box.

Thus the challenge was to find a way to digitalise the advertorials swiftly, reliably, at scale and – above all – with a demonstrable added value for the local advertiser that could be monetised with a premium on top of the print price.

The solution of “Mühlacker Tagblatt” now comprises the implementation of separate landing pages, full traffic management for each advertorial as well as optimisation for search engines. The high level of reader acceptance is also shown by the time spent on the articles. At the same time, advertisers start actively asking for the online feature for all local advertorials.

As a result “Mühlacker Tagblatt” now extends almost all special publications, generating several tens of thousands of advertisements-mm per month.” says Joy Neugebauer, the publishing director of “Mühlacker Tagblatt”.

Request more details about how “Mühlacker Tagblatt” increased revenues with their local advertorials in digital and at scale and get the full case study by contacting us:

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