60 Local Advertorial Ideas that now drive Sales!

60 Advertorial Ideas Local Newspapers

No local events mean no local advertorial ideas?

No, there is still hope!

We analysed 200+ newspapers across the EU and did some number crunching for trends during and after the pandemic.

And came up with a list of 60 Advertorial Ideas thart your Local Sales Teams can now sell and your Local Readers want to read.

We broke them down into three types of ideas.

Number 1: Learning from your peers and other publishers:

20 advertorial ideas from newspapers in the EU
Great Ideas for your local advertisers include vouchers for local merchants, smartphone guides for the elderly, distance learning, golfing from home, and many more

Number 2: Identify topics are booming during the crisis

20 trends that boom during Corona and can be used for local advertising
Trends that are booming include Bread Baking Machines, Dried Meat, Refrigerators, Yoga and Table Tennis but many many more …

Number 3: Find what will shape the “re-start”

20 Advertorial Ideas after Corona to make Money for Local Newspapers
The way to the “new normal” will be a lot about Camping, E-Bikes, Spa & Sauna in your Home but much much more. Get the full list by contacting us.

Get the full list of 60 advertorial ideas for local advertorials at local newspapers by emailing us or filling the contact form here:

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